Meet the Jewel: Chelsea

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Meet the Jewel: Chelsea

Name: Chelsea Patenaude

Specialty: Machine Engraving

How many years have you worked at Croghan’s? Almost 2 years!

White Gold or Yellow Gold? Yellow Gold

What is your favorite jewelry brand? Jude Frances

What is your favorite gemstone? Turquoise

What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own and why? My great-grandmother’s ring, and my Dad’s gold chain. I love the ability of jewelry to be wearable family heirlooms that can be passed down for generations. There’s a lot of history in a small piece.

Favorite piece of jewelry you have ever sold and why? My favorite engraving project was a set of shovels that were brought in to be engraved for a ground-breaking ceremony. It was so unique and fun!

What is the best thing about working on Wonderful King Street? Daily afternoon walks in historic downtown with the ocean less than a 20-minute walk away!

Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunrise

Sweet or Savory? Savory

Favorite night in? A good home-cooked meal on the grill, a drink, and a fire pit.

Favorite night out? A great dinner out, a comedy show, and a rooftop bar (with fire pits).

Tell us a random fact people would be surprised to know about you? I am very loud.

What are your 4 favorite items on our site and why?

Jude Frances Open Clover Earring Charms

1. Jude Frances Open Clover Marquis Earring Charms: One of my favorite things about Jude Frances is the versatility of all of the pieces. You can stack two charms with these earrings, wearing a single charm, or just the hoops. For a great price, you get a lot of different styles!

Gold-Filled Small Oval Locket Necklace

2. Gold-Filled Small Oval Locket Necklace: Lockets were the piece I didn’t realize I needed so much until I started wearing my own. It’s such a beautiful thing to be able to customize an entire piece of jewelry with engraving and pictures of those who are dearest in your life, and wear them close to your heart! It’s so easy to wear and layer with other pieces or by itself, so you can always keep your family near.

Victorian 14K Gold Slide Chain Necklace

3. Victorian 14K Gold Slide Chain Necklace: I love this necklace because it’s incredibly unique. I’ve never seen another one like it!

1970s Italian 18K Gold Snake Coil Wrap Bracelet

4. 1970s Italian 18K Gold Snake Coil Wrap Bracelet: I love seeing the craftsmanship of pieces like this one. It’s so interesting and well done!

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