Meet the Jewel: Quinn

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Meet the Jewel: Quinn

Name: Quinn Sherman

Specialty: Marketing & Social Media

How long have you worked at Croghan’s? 8 months

Who is your favorite jewelry designer? It's tied between Single Stone and Temple St. Clair.

What is your favorite gemstone? I love emeralds and blue sapphires equally!

What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own and why? A simple rose gold ring that my Dad gave to me one Christmas. You'll never find me without it on!

Favorite piece of jewelry you have ever sold and why? Although I'm not on the sales floor, Social Media is a huge selling tool for us. I love being able to shine a light on our gorgeous pieces in a creative way. They are hard to resist once you see them sparkle or worked into everyday wear!

What is the best thing about working on Wonderful King Street? It's such a happy place and everyone knows each other -- I love that!

White Gold or Yellow Gold? Yellow Gold, always.

Chocolate or Vanilla? A little bit of both!

Coffee or Tea? I could not live without my coffee!

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunsets in Charleston are something else.

Sweet or Savory? Savory.

Favorite night in? Cooking dinner and listening to music with friends!

Favorite night out? A martini at The Thoroughbred Club followed by an al fresco dinner at Le Farfalle.

Tell us a random fact people would be surprised to know about you: I love golf! I grew up in a family full of golf fanatics. My Dad and brother taught me the game, while my grandmother made sure I knew the etiquette. It's so special to have an activity that we can always enjoy together whether it's playing or spectating.

Tell us a surprising fact you have learned since working at Croghan’s: I have learned so much, it's hard to say. I've never worked in the jewelry industry, so every day I learn something new. I am so grateful to have been immersed in this world where I continue to learn!

Tell us a funny moment at 308 Wonderful King Street that still makes you laugh out loud: There's always laughter at 308 and that's what I love the most. We have so much fun!

What are your 4 favorite items?

Art Deco 3-Stone Old Mine Diamond Ring

1. Art Deco 3-Stone Old Mine Diamond 18K Yellow Gold Ring: This 3-stone ring with old mine cut diamonds is a knockout!

Victorian Style Sapphire Diamond Halo Ring

2. Victorian-Style Sapphire & Diamond Halo Engagement Ring: I've been obsessed with this sapphire ring from our estate and antique collection since the moment I laid eyes on it. You can't go wrong with sapphire, diamonds, and gold.

Estate Ruby 14K Gold Poodle Charm

3. Estate Ruby Eyes 14K Gold Poodle Charm: I have a love for poodles! Such a fun charm to add to any collection!

Mizuki Petal Pearl Hoop Earrings

4. Mizuki Sea of Beauty Petal Pearl Hoop Earrings: Hoop earrings are a favorite of mine and these are dainty, yet still make a statement. Perfect for any occasion!

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