Meet the Jewel: Sharon Boudreau

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Meet the Jewel: Sharon Boudreau

Name: Sharon M. Boudreau, Certified Gemologist, GIA, AGS

Specialty: Redesigning a clients piece into a new treasure they will love.

How many years have you worked at Croghan’s? I have worked at Croghan’s for 4 years, but have been in the jewelry world for 44 years.

White Gold or Yellow Gold? I have more yellow gold jewelry but love all precious metals, even alternative ones.

What is your favorite jewelry brand? Single Stone is my favorite brand and everything vintage.

What is your favorite gemstone? Diamond as it is my birthstone. I remember my mom telling me the first diamond you receive should come from the best man in your life which was my dad when he gave me my first pair of small diamond earrings at age 14. I love that memory.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own and why? My favorite piece of jewelry was given to me by my Mim, who is my Mother’s mom. She wore a ladies 14kt yellow gold watch around her neck on a long chain. It was my Mim’s mother’s timepiece. I always loved it and remember how my Mim who lived with us taught me how to tell time on it. She told me one day it would be mine and I cried because I knew what that meant. I loved her so much. 

Favorite piece of jewelry you have ever sold and why? That was back in the day around 1980 when I lived in upstate NY. I had a gentlemen come to the store wearing overalls, old boots, and a hat that was pretty worn out. I didn't recognize him as a regular client and started a conversation with him and found out he would like to buy something for his bride as he put it. He was about 65 and I remember how sweet that was to call his wife his bride. We looked around the store for a few minutes and he spotted a beautiful heart shape single stone diamond pendant. He said that’s the one. He never inquired about the price and any info on it. I started to tell him the particulars before we proceeded to the counter but he said that did not matter because she was the love of his life and he wanted her to wear it every day no matter the price. I wrapped the heart diamond pendant up and then rang it up. It was $45,000.00 and that was in 1980. He said to me I will be right back. He came back in 2 minutes later and asked if we could go into the back to count the cash, yes cash. It was a memorable sale and I still remember the joy we both had that day.

What is the best thing about working on Wonderful King Street? Working on the Best Street in all of Charleston is a pleasure and full of energy. You get to see and help folks from all over the world and right down the street. What’s better than that?

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate all the way

Coffee or Tea? Tea

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset, I love the end of the day, because I know tomorrow is a chance to be better at sunrise.  Also, sunrise comes too early.

Sweet or Savory? I'm a sweet girl. My hips wish I wasn’t.

Favorite night in? Taking a swim in our pool before dinner, then having John grill us steaks and veggies and eating on the patio with some music on.

Favorite night out? Girls night of course. Having cocktails and appetizers with my lady friends is the best. Laughing and chatting about everything from A to Z makes my life complete.

Tell us a random fact people would be surprised to know about you: I love to paint and do pottery.

Tell us a funny moment at 308 Wonderful King Street that still makes you laugh out loud: I still chuckle when I remember the day I wore my golf shoes to work. It was around Christmas and I was working extra, and my feet of course were sore. I just grabbed my beige shoes from the closet put them on and went to work. After a few hours at work I thought wow my feet feel great, and when I looked down I had my golf shoes on.

What are your 4 favorite items on our site and why?

Estate Old European Diamond Engagement Ring

1. Estate Old European Diamond Engagement Ring: Number one it’s amazing and those half-moon diamonds on the side along with French-cut diamonds make this such a unique ring that I want to have on my finger. Vintage is my thing. I’m obsessed and it’s going on MY WISHLIST.

Art Deco Repro Diamond and Coral Drop Earrings

2. Art Deco Repro Diamond & Coral Drop Earrings: Orange is my favorite color and anything that has movement like these do is always something I want to wear. The quality is amazing and the price, well they won’t be in the store for long.

Ferrara CZ Wide Cuff Bracelet

3. “Ferrara” CZ Wide Cuff Bracelet: Excellent travel bracelet, it goes with everything and it looks like the real thing. When I'm not traveling I mix it with real pieces and get a lot of compliments on it.

Picchiotti Xpandable Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Ring

4. Picchiotti Xpandable Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Ring: The most unique ring in the shop, the concept for those of us whose knuckles change size daily this diamond band expands from a 6.5 to 8.75 without noticing the stretchability. The ring is so comfortable to wear every day and the quality of the Italian craftsmanship is amazing. The designer will even take your diamonds and make this piece for you if you so desire.

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