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We offer a full range of repairs for all of your jewelry.  Some of the most frequently requested repairs that we provide are listed below. We try very hard to have repairs completed within 5-7 business days.  However, each individual job is different and depending on the volume of work and the complexity of the job, time frames will vary.  Please call or stop in with your items for any additional questions. 



We can size most rings.   Even eternity bands with stones all the way around can be remade with additional stones or sizing bar.  


Because we believe it is prudent to have the safety of your rings examined, we recommend a professional cleaning and safety check of all prongs and settings each year. 


We buy from stone dealers all over the world and we can match missing stones almost all of the time.


Pearl stringing takes 1-2 weeks for completion.  Pricing is approximately $3 per inch for a single strand of pearls.


Pricing for soldering is $15 per charm. 


Let us help you keep your sterling and plated hollow shiny and in good repair!  We have two events a year dedicated to this maintenance, but we are also happy to acquire estimates for you on an ongoing basis.  

Pricing for repairing your silver is something to consider, as this level of craftsmanship does not come cheap.  We will guide you through the process as you make your decision to replate or restore your favorite things.  We will be honest if it would be less expensive or less of a hassle to kiss it goodbye and purchase a new one, or if you should keep it and love it exactly like it is with all of its imperfection.  Please call us at (843) 723-3594 for more information.


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