Estate & Antique Engagement Rings


Unlike your typical jewelry store, Croghan's has always had an exceptional antique and estate collection. It only makes sense with Charleston being so full of history and antiquities that we would be drawn to jewelry that offers the same rare, beautiful qualities.
We love the workmanship that is often nearly impossible to duplicate. We love the uniqueness of the pieces that are very often one of a kind and we love that the diamonds are hand cut, often in candlelight before the invention of electricity. These stones exude a warmth and always have very distinct properties not found in modern cut stones.
Estate & Antique Engagement Rings
We take time to travel to places like England, Italy, Hong Kong as well as California, and New York to bring you the most beautiful antique and estate diamond rings we can find. Once in our store, each ring is examined under a microscope by one of our gemologists to verify quality, grading, and value. The ring is then put through a rigorous review by one of our bench jewelers to examine every prong and facet of the ring for durability and safety. This process brings the latest technology paired with classic craftsmanship to insure the stability of our antique and estate engagement ring collection.
Let one of our diamond experts walk you through all of the qualities that are important to know when purchasing an antique engagement ring from Croghan's. We cannot wait to help you find the perfect ring! 
Estate & Antique Jewelry
Keep in mind, we have a variety of other antique and estate rings in store! 
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