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When Eileen McClelland from Instore Magazine called and asked us to consider entering the America’s Coolest Store Contest…quite frankly, we thought, “we are not Cool!” Don't get me wrong, I believe that we are a lot of things wonderful…but cool never made the list in our minds!

Croghan's Jewel Box

We are shrouded in history, we are hardworking, we are unique, we try to be kind, we try to give back, we shop the world for the most unique products! Cool conjures up chrome and rotating interactive displays and possibly black diamonds or cutting-edge “out there” designers. Honestly, we always thought the coolest thing we brought to the table was being across the street from the Apple Store. From where I sit in this 1790s building decorated with antique mahogany and oriental rugs, one of the coolest things that happens each month is the delivery of the Instore Magazine. This is an innovative trade magazine that most of you never have heard of unless you are in the jewelry industry. It is full of case studies and ideas and resources that make you think twice! Two issues used to arrive like clockwork each month and we would read them cover to cover…dog ear articles and take them home to study. Then one day we realized two was not enough, so we increased our subscription to six. We encourage all of our employees to read it monthly so we can discuss the suggestions together. It is a great magazine!

America's Coolest Stores 2019

So imagine our surprise and delight to not only be encouraged to enter this contest, but to win second-place in the 2019 America’s Coolest Stores Contest. We are humbled and extremely excited. Thank you, Instore Magazine, for recognizing us as the cool kids on the block…even though we are still across the street from the Apple Store!