Welcome to Bloggish Reading Croghan's at the Terrace Theater! 1 minute Next Meet the Mazzas!

Croghan's loves being a local advertiser at the quaint and quirky Terrace Theater!

Champagne? Craft beer?  Caramel cake?  They have it all, as well as the basic popcorn and Raisinettes.  Arrive early for a masterful game of chess, or to admire the Hitchcock themed oil paintings by James Abrams!

Scroll through our fun photo shoot from a rainy day at the Terrace Theater!  Scroll to the end to see The Jewels' favorite flicks!

See you at the Terrace!  Click here for movie times and listings: http://www.terracetheatre.com/



We asked some of our Croghan's Jewels their favorite titles, and their responses are below!

Mini: The Wizard of Oz

Mariana: Casablanca

Kathleen: The Notebook

Rhett: It's Complicated

Sam: Singing in the Rain

Mary: Dances with Wolves

Sharon Boo:  Amor

Abby: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Trisha: Finding Nemo

Sharon: Pride and Prejudice

Claudia: Shawshank Redemption

Bryan: To Sir With Love

Aidan:  Thin Man

Keith: The Godfather

Jed: Captain America Civil War