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We have been going to jewelry shows since we were little girls in the 70’s with big bows in our hair. Our mother did not miss a thing and she would tote us all over New York in search of the latest and greatest. Our adventures with Mary Ramsay will certainly one day be a whole separate blog (or perhaps a book) in the future!
One thing that rings in our ears are these words…Never leave a show without going to the New Designer Section and really taking the time to look and introduce yourselves to these ‘new young people in our field!’ You never know what you may find and most people have appointments and fail to make their way to find these undiscovered artisans. You never know when you may need a piece from them…She felt it was a privilege to be able to give encouragement!
So, it was under this philosophy four years ago that we found ourselves on the bottom floor of the vast Las Vegas Jewelry Show going up and down each and every aisle of the New Designer Gallery hoping to find something that excited us…and there she was…Freida Rothman! She was lovely and energetic and her line was exactly what Croghan’s needed. Her matte finished, two-tone colored metal layered necklaces, stacks of bracelets and rings captivated us. Based in Brooklyn, Freida Rothman specializes in luxury jewelry and accessories. We have grown to adore everything about her from her faith to her family values to her ability to wear 5 inch heels all day long.
Get to know Freida a little better with a few questions we asked her below…
Freida Rothman
How did you get into the jewelry business?
I am a second generation jeweler—My family has been in the jewelry business for over 40 years! 
Freida Rothman
Currently, what is your favorite piece in your Fall 2018 collection?
Obsessed with the Chunky Link Toggle Necklace with the double-sided and removable Imperial Mother of Pearl Enhancer Pendant!
Freida Rothman Imperial Linked Mother of Pearl Pendant Necklace Freida Rothman Imperial Linked Mother of Pearl Pendant Necklace
How many children do you have and what is your best tip for juggling work life balance?
I have 4 children…It’s definitely a full time juggling act, but I believe if you include your children in what you are building and trying to achieve, they root for you and building my brand becomes a family project! They love hearing my stories of meetings and travels…they are very proud!
What’s next for Freida Rothman?
There is always something in the pipeline! We added sunglasses and handbags in the last 2 years, and I am looking forward in 2019 to strengthen our relationships with our key retailers, and making sure our customer service to wholesale and retail is the best ever!
Freida Rothman Sunglasses Freida Rothman Handbags Freida Rothman Freida Rothman Stack Party

You’re invited to shop the latest collections of eloquent layered necklaces, bracelets, stacked ring sets, and discover your own personal stacking style #StartYourStack during our Freida Rothman Trunk Show.

Thursday, November 29 & Friday, November 30 from 10am–5pm

Please join us after hours on Thursday for a #StackParty featuring stacks, snacks & sassy spirits with the designer herself, Freida Rothman!

Thursday, November 29 from 5pm–7pm
308 King Street, Charleston, SC 29401
(Complimentary parking in the lot behind our store)
Freida Rothman Freida Rothman Freida Rothman Freida RothmanFreida RothmanFreida RothmanFreida RothmanFreida RothmanFreida Rothman