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Meet the Jewel: Bryan

Name: Bryan Shuler

Specialty: Analytical Scientist; Graduate Gemologist, GIA Appraiser; Cost evaluator, all around sexy salesman.

How many years have you worked at Croghan’s? I have worked at CJB contiguously for 18 years.

White Gold or Yellow Gold? Two tone! I like yellow gold, and I like diamonds set in white platinum prongs. Platinum prongs wear better over time, and bend a little more than white gold before breaking.

What is your favorite jewelry brand? My favorites are Single Stone followed closely by Elizabeth Locke. Single Stone for the attention to detail. Old European cut diamonds set in handmade, Edwardian style mountings. These pieces are the very best in fine delicate detail. Elizabeth Locke for her weighty bracelets. Solid, hammered bars of 19K yellow gold. A pleasure to hold and be held.

What is your favorite gemstone? Every color of sapphire from white to yellow, green to blue, and from pink to purple.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own and why? My hand carved wedding band. It has antique enamel and tiny diamonds. It was also hand engraved on the inside. The first time I saw the ring, I was standing on the altar in front of the Preacher. (I LOVE IT!)

Favorite piece of jewelry you have ever sold and why? I have been involved in sales of exotic, rare, expensive, and very large diamonds. It seems the ones I like the best, mean the most to the client. The feelings, the heart, the soul involved in an engagement ring far surpass everything else. The more compassion the couple has for each other, the more pleasurable it is for me.

What is the best thing about working on Wonderful King Street? People. We have friends that come into the store at least 3 times a month. We also meet new friends. Friends that search us out, from all over the world. We are truly blessed.

Chocolate or Vanilla? I’ll have to vote, Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby hands down!

Coffee or Tea? YES! Kona coffee in the early morning, French Roast at Christophe Artisan Chocolatier before work. And Gold Blend Hot Tea after work.

Sunrise or Sunset? Sun setting over the creek. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Favorite night in? Netflix and chill

Favorite night out? Dinner and chill

Tell us a random fact people would be surprised to know about you: I graduated from both MUSC and Erskine College.

What are your 4 favorite items on our site and why?

Estate 3 Stone Old European Diamond and Platinum Ring

1. Estate 3-Stone Old European Diamond & Platinum Ring: The ring has 4.81 carats total gem weight. Without a doubt the most beautiful flashes of light I have ever seen. Like all old cut stones, this ring sparks like a FIRE in very low light. (Ask to see it in low light video.)

Single Stone Caroline Ring

2. Single Stone Caroline Ring: Single Stone has done it again. They prove themselves again and again. This 18K yellow gold, handmade ring features a 3.02 carat emerald cut diamond center. Stately and traditional with echoing side baguettes.

Single Stone Bands

3. Single Stone Bands: While you’re there, check out the Single Stone “stackable bands.” The best in the business.

Gift Cards Gift Certificates

4. Gift Cards: Okay guys, listen up. What’s a better way to tell her you love her, not waste your money, and make sure she will love the gift at the same time? WIN - WIN!