Meet the Jewel: Ethan

Name: Ethan Knight

Specialty: Online Service

How many years have you worked at Croghan’s? Almost two years!

White Gold or Yellow Gold? Yellow gold, I love the warm rich color of yellow gold.

What is your favorite jewelry brand? Single Stone because they are a joy to work with and they make beautiful jewelry.

What is your favorite gemstone? Labradorite, I find the way the different colors shine mesmerizing.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own and why? My family signet ring, a daily reminder that family is one of the most important things in life.

Favorite piece of jewelry you have ever sold and why? My favorite pieces of jewelry are those for people who treat themselves. I had a great experience with a person finding the perfect vintage charm for a necklace. It was a beautiful micro-mosaic and made her very happy. Being able to share in the joy of others is a wonderful part of jewelry.

What is the best thing about working on Wonderful King Street? King Street is always a hub of activity and I enjoy taking a little walk in the morning or afternoon to look at the beautiful store window displays up and down the block, the creativity is what I look forward to!

Chocolate or Vanilla? It is hard to beat a perfect vanilla milkshake, a true classic for good reason.

Coffee or Tea? I am a huge hot tea person, but also love a nice latte on occasion.

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunrise

Sweet or Savory? Savory

Favorite night in? Cooking a nice simple dinner with the music turned all the way to the max.

Favorite night out? A quiet restaurant with good friends.

Tell us a random fact people would be surprised to know about you: I love photography and bicycles.

What are your 4 favorite items on our site and why?

Estate Opal and Diamond Fly Pin

1. Estate Opal & Diamond Fly Pin: The fly pin is just so unique and quirky. I love how it takes something that people usually dislike and turns it into a fun accessory.

Temple St. Clair Theodora Cartouche Earrings

2. Temple St. Clair Theodora Cartouche Earrings: These are by far my favorite earrings we have! I enjoy that each earring is a little different from the other and they look great on everyone.

Estate Satin Tapered Bangle Bracelet

3. Estate Satin Tapered Bangle Bracelet: Yellow gold and a satin finish are the perfect combo for this stunning estate bracelet!

Single Stone Small Jane Band in Rose Gold

4. Single Stone Small Jane Band in Rose Gold: The Single Stone hammered bands are always a favorite to add a little bit of flare to a ring stack! Their rose gold and hammered band is the perfect gateway to this incredible designer.