Meet the Jewel: Rhett Ramsay Outten

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Meet the Jewel: Rhett

Name: Rhett Ramsay Outten

Specialty: Marketing, Social Media, Events, Buyer & Creative Thinker Extraordinaire

How many years have you worked at Croghan’s? My Whole Life

White Gold or Yellow Gold? Both

What is your favorite jewelry brand? How could I possibly choose, it would be like choosing a favorite child!

What is your favorite gemstone? Emerald

What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own and why? A big antique locket my Mom took off at dinner one night, shortly after my Dad died and said, “Always remember you are loved!”

What is the best thing about working on Wonderful King Street? The People! The generations of shopkeepers that remember how it was and the all of the new and exciting additions that our block has to offer! The travelers that come through the front door and discover our jewel box for the first time. And the locals that come through the back door with a mission and their checklist! And of course our “Jewels” working hard every day to make it all look easy!

Chocolate or Vanilla? Caramel

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset

Sweet or Savory? Sweet

Favorite night in? A simple dinner with all of the Hays, Ramsays and Outtens sitting at my dining room table catching up, telling stories and laughing!

Favorite night out? Drinks and a light bite at Zero George, a fun show at The Gaillard, especially someone we can all sing along and coconut cake and a martini nightcap in a booth at the Peninsula Grill.

Tell us a random fact people would be surprised to know about you? How about two: I was a Business Major and was in the synchronized swimming club in High School!

Tell us a funny moment at 308 Wonderful King Street that still makes you laugh out loud: It is truly hard to choose just one because we laugh really hard and out loud every single day at Croghan’s! But I think the time the husband came in on a big anniversary to purchase an emerald ring on his wife’s wishlist and while he was there, his wife walked in to tell us she was furious because he did not give her a present and she was going to buy that ring herself. He jumped over the counter and laid down flat so she could not see him and we had to distract and get her out of there!

What are your 4 favorite items on our site and why?

Victorian Turquoise Pearl 15K Gold Bangle

1. Victorian Turquoise, Pearl & 15K Gold Bangle: I love this piece because I love turquoise and yellow gold together. Estate jewelry is my absolute favorite. We bought this from our London jeweler who we just adore, he finds and makes treasures just for us!

Elizabeth Locke St. Peter's Basilica 19th Century Micromosaic Pendant

2. Elizabeth Locke St. Peter’s Basilica 19th Century Micromosaic Pendant: I have become obsessed with Elizabeth Locke Mini Micro Mosaics. Her exhibition, which is at The Gibbes, gives a wonderful history and understanding of why these antiques are so collectable. I love architecture and design. The idea of wearing St. Peter’s Basilica wrapped in 19 karat gold would bring me great joy!

Victorian Silver and Paste Butterfly Brooch

3. Victorian Silver & Paste Butterfly Brooch: I have always loved butterflies. I did not realize that I collected them and seem to have one in every room until very recently. I love what they represent as we are morphing into the next opportunity to spread out big wings wide right? I also love pins. This one is estate, paste and sterling and would be so fun to wear on a jean jacket or a simple dress!

Goldbug Love On Top Heart Pendant Necklace

4. Goldbug Love On Top Heart Pendant Necklace: I am a huge heart girl. I love this new Goldbug line Love On Top. It was introduced (completely by chance) the day before Mini got engaged to the love of her life! Click here to read more about the Love On Top collection. I am so very proud of my nieces, Mini and Kathleen, for creating this wonderful, affordable and stylish collection that evolved around Charleston’s most unwelcome guest. It has given our little jewel box a whole new life! I love to mix their fun pieces with my good stuff and I’m rarely not wearing a piece from one of their collections!

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