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A few new Goldbugs are about to hatch just in time for Mini and Kathleen’s trip to the Atlanta Market for their wholesale accounts! It suddenly occurred to me that we had not written about the brand new Palmetto Collection brought to us by the Goldbug Sisters!

The Goldbug Sisters: Kathleen and Mini

When Mini emerged with the samples we thought wow…no bugs…what’s up? After all we’ve had tiny bugs, giant bugs, bugs with sparkles, bugs with enamel, bug ornaments, bugs on wine glasses, bugs on hats and accessories…well, you get the idea. And they have all been a sensation!

Classic Goldbug Collection

Goldbug Collection Shining Star Drop Earrings and Ring

Goldbug Collection Tangled Up In Blue

Goldbug Collection Blame it on the Buggie Hat

Goldbug Collection Christmas Ornament

Goldbug Collection Julep Cup, Flask, Linen Napkin, Crest Cufflinks

The new Palmetto Collection is a tribute to our state tree. Palmettos grace every nook and cranny in Charleston, and there is even one smack dab in front of our store on King Street! Once all of the new and beautiful pieces arrived, I talked with Mini to learn more about her new collection…

Goldbug Collection Palmetto Frond Pendant Link Necklace

Goldbug Collection Crescent Moon Ring, Palmetto Textured Bands, Tiny Goldbug Bracelet, Wingwoman Cuff, Palmetto Cuff

Goldbug Collection Palmetto Frond Drop Earrings and Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace

Goldbug Collection Palmetto and Moons

What was the inspiration to interpret their majestic beauty into gold?

“Honestly,” says Mini, “we were noticing that our customers were becoming collectors of our jewelry and their boyfriends and husbands were buying them a new piece for each occasion and they wanted to wear it all together. We have produced 4 collections so far, all with Goldbugs. We needed to bring in a piece to layer in that wasn’t a bug! The Palmetto Tree was a natural choice. After all, bugs do actually live in these trees. It’s their habitat!  And they are as iconic in Charleston as the critters that scurry in our streets. I love the tropical yet geometric shape of the leaves.”

Goldbug Collection Crescent Moon Ring and Palmetto Cuff

Goldbug Collection Palmetto Textured Bead Drop Earrings

Goldbug Collection Palmetto Frond Pendant Link Necklace

Goldbug Collection Palmetto Textured Bead Necklaces

The Palmetto Tree stands as a symbol of grace and strength. Its leaves are large enough to shade us from blistering heat and beautiful enough to inspire artists to paint them! The trunk is resilient, yet solid. The tree may sway in a tumultuous storm but rarely does it break. It stands elegantly tall and it regally represents the State of South Carolina.

Goldbug Collection Palmetto Textured Bead Drop Earrings

Goldbug Collection Palmetto Textured Bead Bracelet and Set of Bands

That being said, the jewelry is beautiful, functional, and perfect to layer with any classic Goldbug piece. We think Mini hit it out of the park with this collection! Whether you choose the Palmetto Frond Pendant Link Necklace, the Split Palmetto Frond Drop Earrings, or the more subtle Palmetto Textured Bead Bracelet, trust me…this will be your ‘go to’ all summer long and beyond. You can find us relaxing in the shade of the Palmetto fronds any chance we get!

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Goldbug Collection Palmetto and Moons at The Hotel Bennett