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One-of-a-kind estate pieces and antiques give a little bit of soul to your recipients and make the gift all the more special.
Ready to be up to your ears in compliments? These stunning earrings from our estate & antique collection feature dazzling blue topaz and diamonds, and display an unequaled elegance that sings of seasons past.  
Who wouldn’t be in a merry pin, with this bewitching brooch? From our estate & antique collection, this circa 1885 beauty is replete with delicate engraving, Old European cut diamonds, and intricate cannetille work, inspired by romantic embroidery styles.  
Dare we say it’s the most charming of gifts from our collection? A one-of-a-kind charm bracelet with a delicate dangle for movement, and eye-catching embellishments, is sure to spark conversation and elicit the oohs and ahhs of approval.   


Ring a ling! Move over silver bells. This swoon worthy statement ring is taking center stage right now. From our estate & antique collection, an emerald-cut aquamarine dazzles among diamonds, and is sure to spark its own celebrations.  
In terms of classic, timeless elegance, a strand of saltwater pearls takes top billing. Stunning natural pearls adorn this single strand stunner from our estate & antique collection, and a delicate filigree clasp brings it all together with the prettiest touch.

 Edwardian Aquamarine & Pearl 15K Gold Pendant Necklace

The graceful airiness of Edwardian jewelry, and the attention to fanciful details like scrolls, ribbons, and swooping swags, is perfectly captured in this pendant. Both delicate and intricate, it captures the spirit of the time, but delivers timeless appeal with a breathtaking silhouette and a burst of bright aquamarine.

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