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We are so excited to welcome Ari and Corina of Single Stone to our store on Friday, October 5 and Saturday, October 6. We truly feel as though they are part of the Croghan's family. We were so thrilled to find them because we felt that their rings were the PERFECT fit for our customers. Why is that? They embody so many of the values that we hold dear. Our customers treasure and love antique jewelry. They love the imperfections that come with an aged item whether it is a sideboard, a home, or of course a diamond. Ari takes these old fabulous stones that he sources and puts them in beautiful new mountings that are custom made for each single stone…thus the name Single Stone.

The mountings reek of Old World style. They are heavy, but not too heavy. They are delicate, but perfect for everyday wear. In their own right, they are heirlooms that are certain to be passed down to future generations with lots of love and stories.

We celebrate our relationships with our vendors! We understand each other, we appreciate each other and ultimately we want you to meet them and get to them know as well. It creates an amazing synergy between the gem hunter, the designer, the manufacturer, the retailer, and the final consumer.

We asked Ari to answer just a few questions before boarding the plane with his lovely wife Corina. We think you will enjoy his answers!

Why an antique diamond?
The uniqueness of antique stones is truly amazing. We love that each stone has its own true unique identity. We love to embrace and celebrate the character of each stone. We find them to be like the wearer. Each with its own unique personality. These diamonds were mined and cut by artisans with great skill and vision. We love their unique, soft and subtle brilliance compared to their modern counterparts. We view them as wearable pieces of history and art combined.
A few fun facts…
(1870–1920) 50 years of mining yielded 100 million carats in rough
(1970–2018) 48 years of mining yielded 4 BILLION carats in rough
(1870–1920) Only 2% of diamonds currently in the world were mined and cut
How do you stay inspired?
Our client’s appreciation of our work inspires us. We love seeing the faces of our clients when they find the piece that matches their taste and personality. Each stone we procure has its own story, our job is to put in a very pretty binder.
What’s new that you are most excited about?
Our new yellow gold pieces

Our new men’s bands…

Our new one of a kind pieces…

And most of all to seeing y’all.

So, please join us from 10–5 Friday and Saturday for a glass of wine, and take a peek at Single Stone's beautiful jewelry. Whether contemplating an engagement, resetting an heirloom of your own, or just treating yourself to a new treasure, this jewelry will delight you.