Marla Aaron and Croghan's Jewel Box teamed up to create a permanent showcase for 308 Wonderful King Street...the Marla Bar! Let's run through the details...
The Jewel Box's quintessential nun-case needed a revamp and who better than creative masterminds Mrs. Marla Aaron herself and Mrs. Rhett Ramsay Outten of Croghan's to tackle the job. They put their minds together to create a beautiful rendering of a new and improved case featuring a glossy lacquer paint in Marla's signature orange, her custom patterned upholstery, and a brass logo to top it off.
After months in the making, it was finally time to unveil the Marla Bar! A big THANK YOU to Courtney and her husband, owners of One of a Find Charleston for helping our dreams come to life! 
On October 14th, Randy held down the fort, serving up our signature "Marloma" to the patrons of 308 Wonderful King. The "Marloma" was a delightful amalgamation of grapefruit, tequila, lime, and a splash of club soda. 
Marla demonstrated the functionality of her fabulous jewels. From how she wears her pieces to helping customers style their own! Missed out on the fun? Scroll through our Marla Aaron highlight on Instagram @croghans to watch Marla in action!
We hope to see you lock it down with a twist and come play at the Marla Bar at 308 Wonderful King Street!