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What a bright time, it’s the right time to go big. Our collections of exquisite necklaces, rings, bracelets and charms are crafted from the finest materials, hand-selected to suit every style and occasion, and certain to make this year magical. 

Single Stone Pippa Ring


A stunning statement ring sure to leave anyone speechless, and certain to become a coveted piece for generations to come. Set in a handcrafted 18k gold mounting, a dazzling 2.52 ct emerald-cut diamond is surrounded by French-cut rubies, with rich tones and celebratory sparkle to perfectly capture this season of joy. 


Oval Sapphire & Diamond Halo 14K White Gold Bangle


Sapphire & Diamond Bangle Bracelet
O, Holy Night, this bangle has captured starlight. 15 oval sapphires, in the most magical shade of blue, are surrounded by twinkling pave diamond halos, delivering all the glittering glory she deserves. 

Inspired by ancient temple bells chiming an invitation for mindfulness, this Meditation Bell Pendant might just be the prettiest prompt for peace and staying present. Crafted in 18K yellow gold with brilliant-cut white diamonds, and vivid aquamarine, its functional white gold clapper adds that extra special touch.


Seaman Schepps Pearl Lily of the Valley Earrings



In the language of flowers, the beloved and fragrant Lily of the Valley often means a “return to happiness,” signaling the return of spring and symbolizing the joy to come. With pearl “blooms” blossoming on delicate 18k gold “stems”, these earrings are sure to bring the joy and happiness too.


 Estate Old Transitional Cut Diamond Cluster 18K Gold Earrings


Old-world elegance, and an undoubtedly sparkling provenance, these earrings hail from the esteemed estate and antique collection, and their unique design features removable jackets, allowing her to choose how they’re worn. Both an heirloom and a breath of fresh air all at once, they truly bring the wonder and wow-factor. 

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