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Molly Eugenio is our rep for the Clara Williams Company. We became fast friends because she is quite frankly, adorable. We say she was a southerner in another life because she has never met a stranger, and she is always decked out in bright beautiful colors! She wears Clara Williams so beautifully! We always want to buy whatever she has on right off of her body! She is one of five children and a mother to 3 adorable boys. She lives in Chicago with her restaurateur husband, but travels frequently bringing the Clara Williams magnetic magic to stores like ours all over the country!

Molly and Clara 

In anticipation of our trunk show today and tomorrow, we thought it would be fun to have a little Q and A with Molly!
Tell us a little bit about the owner of the company, Clara Williams...specifically how did a girl from Cleveland with an MBA from Harvard get into the jewelry business?
Clara got her degree from Dartmouth and an MBA from Harvard. She went straight to work at US Robotics. She started playing with the idea of magnets and jewelry and found herself in Neiman Marcus one day looking through the jewelry department and realized there was nothing attractive offered that worked with a magnet!
She got to work developing her line. She had of her own designs on while visiting Palm Beach and the owner of Mildred Hoit told her, “this is a winner... push forward and We will have a trunk show for you!" So in 2008 she did and the rest is history! Mildred Hoit is still Clara’s biggest account!


You wear a lot of hats in the company. Tell us what you do?
I am an account manager and handle the territory from DC to Florida and out to the Midwest. I’m constantly scouting new accounts that are a good fit. I travel to the Big jewelry shows and work with Clara there!


You come to visit us in Charleston a lot...what are your favorite things in town?
Playing with all the jewels at Croghan’s of course!
Shopping for my boys next door at Kids on King! 
Picking up a biscuit at Callie’s!
Staying at the Dewberry!



What’s your favorite piece in the line right now?!

These opera length Grey potato pearls, I wear them long or short or medium length! 


Charleston has several direct flights to Chicago daily...what should be on our “not to miss list” when visiting your hometown?

The architectural Boat Tour 
A CUBS game
Lincoln park Zoo 
Shopping on Michigan Avenue
A run down the banks of the Michigan River
Lunch at the Summer House 
Dinner at The Willow Room



Thank you Molly!

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