When the Terrace Theater called Croghan's to ask if we would like to sponsor a showing of the movie High Society (1956) on Valentine's Day we scratched our heads for a moment. First of all none of us had even seen the movie, second of all we wondered... who goes to the movies on Valentine’s Day?

High Society Poster

We quickly Googled the movie only to be thrilled that it was starring the gorgeous Grace Kelly in her final appearance on the silver screen before marrying her prince! And if that was not enough, her actual engagement ring had a cameo appearance in the movie, all 10 plus carats of Cartier beauty! That worked for us!

Grace Poolside Cartier Box Grace Ring

The movie sounded like a wonderful fit for Croghan's Jewel Box, but Valentine's Day? Who goes to the movies on Valentines Day? A quick phone call answered the question...well no one. Turns out it is actually a slow night at the movies when you are supposed to be dining or chatting it up with the one you love. Except the Terrace would be showing 50 Shades Freed and  they were looking for a wholesome crowd to balance their act.  We loved that they thought was that we could bring something to the table. Of course we said yes!
And low and behold it was a sell out! It seems people do want to go to the movies on Valentine’s Day... If there is something fun and fabulous to see!
After a busy day of retail, of course, the Croghan's Jewels came barreling in with moments to spare!

Immediately it was clear, as Louis Armstrong’s welcoming song ended, as to why Croghan's was the perfect choice for a sponsorship opportunity for this movie! Tracy Lord, a bride played by Grace Kelly opens the movie with the line...

"Well it looks like I’ve got 27 nut dishes ... and 4 ice picks!"

Did she say nut dishes?... As in our most favorite gift for every occasion from baby to wedding to bridesmaids...

These nut dishes? 

The one we use for condiments when serving shrimp creole?

The one that holds 3 chocolate covered cherries and a diamond ring perfectly?

Or all of the yummy additions for your martinis at home?

The nut dish that when Veranda magazine featured it in their gift guide we created the hashtag  #100usesforanutdish. View the tag to be inspired by all the possibilities!

Then there is the mother of the bride, Mrs. Lord, putting all the responses (written on beautiful stationary I may add) in a gorgeous sterling box...
Those are everywhere... I mean every coffee table and dresser has a stunning decorative silver box sitting atop of it in this movie!  

And the cigarette cases the men carried! Well, they looked just like these...

Why do we carry these gorgeous things? Because people still buy and collect them for their modern uses! Certainly cigarettes and formal written responses are rarely stored in them any longer. Now they can be a used for holding various small items such as jewelry, business cards, a few spare bills or credit cards.

Let’s take a trip through the wedding presents Miss Lord received! The reporters from SPY Magazine (Fred Astaire and Celeste Holm) are singing 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' as they are picking up silver platters, goblets and candelabras!

We promise you DO not have to be a millionaire. Just come to Croghan's on any given day and you will see that we are stocked with a variety of items!

We could go on and on about all the wonderful JEWELS in the movie!
The drop diamond earrings...

The pearl chokers...

The stacks of bracelets our heroine wears so effortlessly... We will have to save that for another blog!


As I left the theater, I overheard someone say... "No one really lives like that anymore...so elegant so refined." It struck me that we do in Charleston! We are still using the silver and flopping on our outdoor furniture after a big party and taking off all of our jewelry in the moonlight! Camellias are everywhere!

Everyone could relate to sailing with the one you love in the harbor...

I don’t know of an Art Deco bar that hides behind a book shelf, but there are ballrooms in many of our homes that have hosted their fair share of rehearsal parties and weddings!

And as far as using that silver... Let’s have a party and a salute to living elegantly!