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JUST PINCH US ! We are humbled to have been chosen by Southern Living Magazine as one of three, 2022 Southern Tastemakers! To say this is an honor is an understatement! 
This year they decided to salute family businesses run by women across the South that foster community. Community…what a word. We love each community that we are lucky enough to be a part of. The Charleston community has given us roots, history and purpose for over 100 years and we love living here and contributing locally to causes that matter. Community also includes all of our online friends and followers who live all over the country and have joined us for this hilarious, sparkling yet meaningful journey. Community also includes  our  ‘jewels,’ who work every single day very hard to make the magic happen at 308 Wonderful King Street!
We all truly care about each and every customer and little box that walks (or ships) out of our shiny red door! We give thanks to all who support us in a million different ways…..from kind comments on an Instagram post, to major purchases, to those taking the time to write a lovely review. It is truly an honor to be invited to share some of the most sentimental occasions in the lives of our community. We do not take one minute of it for granted.
Our family and all of our jewels say THANK YOU!!  We love making YOU shine!
Read our feature in Southern Living HERE