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Engagement Rings
Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, but finding the perfect stone for the bride-to-be can be overwhelming. There are so many beautiful characteristics about each and every stone that make it unique and we love sharing them with you. When you let Croghan's be your Fifth C, we will help guide you to the perfect diamond starting with the shape.
Round Brilliant


Round Brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular choice for the classic bride. Elegant and romantic, they are said to signify an eternal love, for a circle has no end.


Iconic, like Grace Kelly, an emerald cut diamond is a statement of beauty, refined elegance, and unequivocally beautiful.


Taking a close second to round brilliant in popularity, the oval has become very popular with modern brides. Known for their ability to elongate the hands and their illusion of size, these diamonds rival the beauty of round brilliant cuts and have a unique bowtie effect across the center. 


Derived from Old Mine cut diamonds, the cushion cut diamond dates back to the 1700s. Sometimes referred to as crushed ice, this diamond was born to shine. Catching the light of anything in sight, they are pillow-like in shape, timeless with soft edges and have between 58 and 64 facets. 


Cut like a round brilliant with 58 facets but with the tip of a marquise diamond, this stone, like an oval, has an elongating effect on the hand and is perceived much bigger than its carat weight. A pear is perfect for the bride who wants something striking, but romantic.

 We have barely scratched the surface on this topic! We are always available to guide you through all of the important information that goes into choosing the perfect cut to fit your needs! Book an appointment with one of our gemologists or let us virtually show you all of the possibilities when it comes to purchasing or creating the perfect engagement ring! With Croghan's as your Fifth C you simply can not go wrong!