Auntie M  and The Wizard of Oz

Our Mini has been obsessed with The Wizard of Oz for as long as we can all remember. We have so many memories of her tromping around in “too big” ruby slippers, playing with Dorothy and Glinda dolls made by Madame Alexander, and even decorating her very own Christmas tree in her room with only ornaments that paid tribute to this wonderful classic movie! Some may say she was obsessed. I would say she was focused and loyal! She traveled as a child to the MGM Grand’s recreation of The Wonderful World of Oz in Las Vegas during the legendary jewelry show with her family as well as to the Beech Mountain summer wonderland created to bring the movie to life in the mountains of North Carolina. When deciding on a name for her firstborn nephew to call her…it did not take long for “AUNTIE M” to be the obvious answer!

Auntie M and Baby James

Mini was beginning to put this collection together before our world catapulted out of control in the early months of 2020! She was planning her wedding and creating this technicolor, magical world of bugs that were inspired by the movie and her Grandmother’s jewelry box! There is turquoise and hot pink enamel, antique-inspired chains copied from family heirlooms, and of course hearts which represent not just the Goldbug’s body but the love Mini puts into each of these collections. The big signature Goldbug of this collection is inspired by the yellow brick road…but who wants only yellow brick when you can have every color in the rainbow…hence the name of the whimsical collection, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Mini and Walker

Mini and Walker

As COVID-19 clamped down and her wedding date floated from month to month and the number of guests changed from 100s to just a few, I could not help but think of that precious little girl skipping along in the ruby slippers that were two sizes too big with a gigantic smile and a precious giggle! She has never ever lost the magic of OZ! As we gathered to celebrate her and her handsome groom, Walker on the lawn of the home that she grew up in, it occurred to me, Mini has always known that there is in fact “No place like home.” She clicks her heels through all of the unpleasantries of life and forges ahead. She collects and helps colorful souls along the way! Thank you, Mini for giving us a front-row seat to watch as all of your dreams really do come true!

Goldbug Collection Fall 2020 Collection: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Our Story

Our newest collection, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Representing the whimsy, delicate side of the Goldbug.

The show stopper… The Gem-Bug is inspired by the candy colored gemstone jewelry of the 1930s. Mini loves the play of color when mixing cabochon and faceted gemstones.

Rainbow Bug Cuffs

Stacks on Stacks!

Love Re-imagined…

Fishhook Bracelet Inspired by Mini's fishing adventures with her Dad, this bracelet elevates the idea of the fishhook.

The Bug Fob Inspired by Croghan's collection of antique watch fobs, Mini wanted to create her own rendition.

Bug Fob Earrings

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