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Engraving is in our DNA! Croghan's was founded over 100 years ago by William Croghan who was a hand engraver and it has always been our joy to make ordinary items extraordinary by embellishing them!
In the 1970's it was George Ramsay, the engineer husband of Mary Croghan Ramsay who did all of the machine engraving at home after work! 3rd generation Alex Ramsay even helped whip out some engraving while living at home during high school and medical school! I guess you could say that engraving has been a family affair at our little shop for a very long time.

Listen in as 4th generation Kathleen and Mini give us the rundown as we celebrate how far we have come in this realm! We invite you to celebrate all that is special in life with something engraved from Croghan's Jewel Box.