O’ Holy City

O’ Holy City

Quintessential Charleston charm, packaged for all to enjoy. Celebrate the city and mark the memory-making with these classic, collectible finds.


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Goldbug Long Drop Earrings
Sale price$ 115.00
Charleston Camellia Bowl
Sale price$ 90.00
Goldbug Love Train Cuff
Sale price$ 165.00
Charleston Rice Spoon
Sale price$ 50.00
Charleston Rice Bead Bracelet
Sale priceFrom $ 35.00
Goldbug Okra Drop Earrings
Sale price$ 130.00
Charleston Skyline Cuff Bangle
Sale price$ 915.00
Goldbug Shirt Studs
Sale price$ 100.00
Goldbug Bee Shirt Studs
Sale price$ 100.00
Sterling Silver Oyster Knife
Sale price$ 150.00
Goldbug Peanut Drop Earrings
Sale price$ 130.00
Grainger McKoy Hand Cut Knife
Sale price$ 425.00
Goldbug Palmetto Cuff
Sale price$ 120.00
Grainger McKoy Hand-Cut Auto Knife
Sale priceFrom $ 425.00

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