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The Croghan's Jewels are very excited about hosting Ari and Corina from Single Stone for a Trunk Show Friday, March 9th, and Saturday, March 10th

We love this company for a lot of reasons! They use antique diamonds in their engagements rings and each mounting is made specifically for each Single Stone...hence the name of their very well-respected company.

While they are best known for their collection of engagement rings and stack-able bands, they will also be showing a beautiful selection of antique jewelry as well as a new line of wedding bands for men.
Call 843-723-3594 to make an appointment with the designers

Enjoy the Q and A with Ari and Corina, and be sure to scroll through and enjoy the photos of some of the jewelry that makes this line so special and unique.

How did you meet?
A - I was lost and asked for directions from Corina. She gave me the directions. Needless to say I am no longer lost.
C - We had a mutual acquaintance that introduced us. After that, we kept running into one another in the strangest of places which, included him asking me for directions. Needless to say, he never remembered having met me. He remembers me now.

What is the secret to working together so very closely?
A - Respect, trust and patience and knowing when to agree to disagree.
C - While we have very different ideas, we ultimately have the same end goal and are a great compliment to one another in our pursuit to get there. Ultimately, respect and great communication are essential. As is being able to draw a line between work and family time. Plus, the ten miles between our two offices are definitely a plus!

Top 3 favorite things about Charleston?
A - The charm of the beautiful city, its warm people and most importantly our friends at Croghan's.
C – I love the beautiful architecture, the amazing food and the warm welcome that the clients at Croghan's have shown us.

Favorite piece of jewelry in your inventory right now and why?
A - There are too many to pick as one favorite. I am currently really loving our cobblestone ring with a vintage moval diamond. (see above image)
C - My favorite piece at the moment is our new octagon disc (currently in production). Stay tuned!

How do you stay inspired in the jewelry industry?
A - By staying original and true to our way of doing business. Being honest and committed to our vision keeps us moving forward.
C - I’m inspired by our clients and their stories.  I am inspired knowing that our clients love our product and appreciate the details and our workmanship. I love to be a part of someone’s important moments and enjoy celebrating with them. 

Take us back to Single Stone's beginnings?
A - In 1988 I started as a 22 year old with little knowledge of diamonds and jewelry. I spent several years with a mentor learning about diamonds and the jewelry industry. In 1993, I got exposed to antique jewelry and antique diamonds. It was love at first sight. There was no going back. The allure of the vintage diamonds captured my interest. From 1995 to 1999 I was learning about antiques, antique diamonds and restoring antique jewelry. I operated out of a small office in LA servicing jewelry stores across the country with their antique jewelry, vintage diamonds, restorations and custom orders. In 1999, Corina joined Single Stone and from 1999 to 2007 we spent our time designing and making jewelry. We used vintage diamonds in creating new designs and this concept was very well received. In 2008 we decided to launch our jewelry as a brand to fine jewelry stores across the country. Corina’s vision, determination and hard work is definitely a very big part of Single Stone’s success.
 C - Joining Single Stone was so natural for me. While I’d always been in retail management, I had never worked with jewelry. I have always loved jewelry and most importantly, have always loved working with people. I was instantly drawn to the significance that jewelry has in a person’s life and I love that through jewelry, we can tell the story of our life. 

Favorite engagement story?
A - A client came in and wanted to buy a very high quality modern round brilliant cut diamond set in a solitaire setting. He insisted that he needed to go get nothing but the whitest and cleanest of diamonds for this special women in his life. I spoke to him for a while and explained that a white and perfect stone does not constitute a perfect stone for everyone. I asked to see pictures of her to see who we were talking about. Her pictures showed her to be a very free spirited, bohemian type of person. Based on my experience she was not a person that would want a modern stone let alone a very white one. I told him that the person he wants to marry would appreciate the uniqueness of a vintage stone and would probably love a stone with some warm tones and a ring with a unique personality. He was shocked but open minded. After talking for a while he started getting excited and  placed his faith and trust in me. He went with my recommendation: a yellow gold oxidized ring with a olive color vintage diamond. I told him that I would only sell him this ring if he promised to take me to dinner if I was right. He agreed. I received a call three days later from an ecstatic lady screaming “oh my god you are a genius! How did you know? I LOVEEEEE my ring!!”. Needless to say he did take me out to dinner and we had some good laughs. She is an extremely happy bride and calls in once a year to tell me how much she loves her ring more each day.
C - I love every story. From the guy that can’t hold his excitement in the store after purchasing a ring and drops to his knees to the elaborately planned proposal. I am a very sentimental person (even though I don’t show it) and am always swept away by the emotion of two people committing to loving one another and becoming a family.

Top 3 favorite things about living in LA?
A - Weather, diversity of its people, and proximity to so many activities.
C - I love that we have the mountains and the beach so nearby. I love the weather (most of the time) and love the culture and food scene in LA. There are so many great restaurants and a varied selection of food to explore.

Something we would be surprised to know about each of you? 
A - I secretly wish I was a professional golfer. 
C - I’m a closet singer and the interior of my car is my stage!

First impression of Croghan's Jewel Box?
A - A place that makes you feel like you are home and among friends. The warm and genuine people of Croghan's is what makes this place so special.
C - I love that it feels like home. The shop is filled with so much history and I especially love that all of the customers there feel like they are family. They have built such a great relationship with Rhett, Mariana and the entire team. I love knowing that the shop’s history goes back generations and that everyone feels welcome.